AV Alumitran in figures

·Factory Dimensions 120.000 m2
·Floor Area 60.000 m2
·Workforce: over 300 employees
·PRODUCTION CAPACITY (tones per year)
Extrusion: 32.000
Lacquering: 26.000
Anodising 6.000
Thermal Break: 3.700

Welcome to AV Alumitran

Strength through unity

We commence a new era in which we have more production capacity and a renewed commitment with innovation and quality. AV Alumitran is born from the strength, reputation and experience of various benchmark groups within the aluminium sector.
Our plants count with the most advanced technology for the manufacturing of competitive products, capable of satisfying the most demanding needs in this new globalised market in which we carry out our activity.

A world of possibilities for Aluminium

Our mission is to transform aluminium into quality solutions both for the national market, with presence throughout the whole territory, as well as internationally, with commercial delegations in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Benelux, Portugal, Morocco and Central America.
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values

All of Alumitran’s products are manufactured and commercialised with a series of common characteristics:

• Quality of the materials
• Competitive prices
• Perfect finishings
• Quick Response and Customer Service